Saturday, December 12, 2009


(or maybe I should have entitled this post - a whole boat load of the cutest children on earth! .... but seriously....)

I wish I had half as much style as these little ones!

Smile, don't smile... still just as cute as could be! :)

She was such a good sport with all these little ones!

LOVE it! :)

I wish that was my Christmas dress as a child... just saying...



And I leave you with this to conclude:

Wow. My eyes hurt from cuteness overload. I'm going to have to go take a break.


Jenn Van Wyk said...

These are beautiful! Great capture of all of them - those group shots turned out great!

Band of Brothers said...

you did the most amazing job ever elles! i can't get over how amazing you did in those group shots. wow!

so funny, twain has a striped hat similar to that one baby boys hat and a few days ago, just shot pics of him laying in the grass too! what a coincidence!

Tasha said...

SO cute! I love the little guy's green hat! You did an AWESOME job!

lorieloo said...

OH MY GOSH! YES! Cutest and stylish kids EVER! so so fun elliegirl.

Emily Faulknor Photography said...

Seriously??? Ellie - this is like a Gap ad! Great job! I am sure it helps that these kids are soooo stinkin' adorable! :)