Monday, August 31, 2009


**Update: stay tuned for a really awesome video at the end of this post by Curtis Nemetz!**

Karisa and Arvind have such a unique and special story, I have been holding my breath over here to finally post these images! The couple met in India - Karisa on a long term missions trip and Arvind serving in the country full-time. It wasn't until Karisa's last day that Arvind made his feelings known, and today they've made it past the hurdle of a long distance relationship all the way to their marriage vows on the first of August! They will both serve as full-time missionaries in India together in just a few short months! This was a wedding that will come back to me over and over again, the joy, the tears, the true and piercing beauty that radiates from faithful servants fulfilling their calling...

I really just can't get enough of these shoes - green! yes!

Karisa, you are SO beautiful!

They met each other for the first time that day on the train tracks!

When the guys "flowers" arrived I couldn't believe it - so ingenious!

A little leapfrog never hurt anyone...

I love this moment of worship during the ceremony

The reception was awesome (and it was just outside the church building- so creative)! Casual seating arrangements so everyone had to mingle a little :)

every table was unique...

complete with a kids table...

and a CUTE photo booth...

While guests were enjoying chai tea and coffee we ran out to a hill behind the church for a few more photos!

The reception at night!

I felt truly honored to be a part of this wedding - thank you THANK YOU Karisa and Arvind - God bless you both and your ministry in India!

Here's a little plug for my favorite videographer on the planet - Curtis Nemetz - Take a look at these moments through his eyes... so amazing!

Arvind and Karisa from curtis nemetz on Vimeo.