Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Chris is the son of my eight grade teacher, a very special teacher in my life, I was so pleased to be a part of his big day! Chris is a kind and caring man, strong and silent - Dana is a sweet match for Chris, funny, loud and awesome :) Chris + Dana, well... it's so true that opposites attract (even when you don't want them to, right guys?!?)! What a fun couple and an absolutely beautiful wedding!

Look at those blue eyes! wow!

Here they come....

So after the ceremony, since they were so amazing as to finish off the bridal party and ALL the family shots BEFORE the festivities even began - wow!- Chris and Dana let me steal just them for almost an hour before the reception this was the most rad time of bride and groom photo-epicness ever! (we even rode around on a golf cart train! Ok, maybe that doesn't sound as cool as it was...)

(I think this is my favorite!)

These four were marathon dancers!

Here's to Chris and Dana and many more years of celebration to come! Thanks for letting be a part of your day!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


These beautiful people were the only friends my husband Eddie and I had moving up to Roseville - they've introduced us to everyone we know - we love them :)

Two more of these sweet little boys are on the way, can you believe it! I'm so excited!

This is the most beautiful pregnant woman ever, right?! I know.

I know Katie is not a fan of the frontal belly shots... but I just love how she's carrying her (now empty) case of m&m's in her left hand - even the best of the best resort to good old fashioned bribery in the face of imminent defeat :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


They took me to the airport! I love it when I get to go on little adventures and explore new places, I had so much fun re-discovering the old Bakersfield Airport with these two. That's Peter's plane too, how awesome is that! The wedding is coming up in less than two weeks and after meeting up with them I am more excited than ever, I can't wait!
(p.s. if any certain person reading this who happens to have his pilot license would like to pick me up and fly me to Bakersfield for the festivities that would be awesome too.)

Megan was most definitely a fan of jumping pictures - Megan, I have to tell you, I NEVER get tired of the jumping picture!! Thanks for joining me in my jumping picture fan club :)