Saturday, June 13, 2009


These beautiful people were the only friends my husband Eddie and I had moving up to Roseville - they've introduced us to everyone we know - we love them :)

Two more of these sweet little boys are on the way, can you believe it! I'm so excited!

This is the most beautiful pregnant woman ever, right?! I know.

I know Katie is not a fan of the frontal belly shots... but I just love how she's carrying her (now empty) case of m&m's in her left hand - even the best of the best resort to good old fashioned bribery in the face of imminent defeat :)


Olive Oyl said...

These turned out beautiful!!! And yes, she is seriously the most beautiful prego woman ever. How is she carrying twins??? She is SO tiny!!!

lorieloo said...

oh how I love this family. So so so excited to meet the two new boys=)

Rachel Faber said...

Ellie, you are amazing! I miss you so much! If we lived by you we'd have to buy a membership of "Pictures by Ellie" so that you could take my boys pictures all the time!

Paulette said...

Um, could they be the most photogenic family on the face of the planet? Gorgeous