Thursday, September 24, 2009


Alright, so these guys score a 10 on the cute couple scale. I knew I was going to like this session when I told them in typical Ellie fashion, 'go stand in those weeds over there and just talk to each other for a sec...' yeah, I have great skills - anyway, the first thing she says when she looks into his eyes is: 'I'm so lucky to get to marry you!' I LOVE that! John and Alyssa, I can't wait till this December, you guys make my day!

Look at that antique ring, soooo pretty!

I loved both of these... :)

I told them at the end that their shoes said a lot... I love discovering the little differences in couples, just as much as I love their similarities. These red high heels just look so much sweeter next to his favorite pair of old sneakers, don't they?


.Sarah . Kathleen. said...

so, i found your blog via cameron ingalls' blog... and must i say, i was mesmerized by your pictures. they are truly beautiful. love it :)

Sally Hess said...

Oh my gosh! I've known Aly for something like 15 years and you captured her so well! What beautiful photos!