Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Welcome to my home... I was getting just a small (ok, maybe a large) amount of pressure to post these pictures, and since I don't have a personal blog, everyone is invited! So, here is my wonderfully old house - my husband and I share this rented house with a cat, a creature in the wall and a backyard tenant! We love it - and so do you :)

Here's the view as you walk in the front door...

My new favorite detail, the typewriter (I'm not exactly sure how it ended up claiming the second desk... maybe I'm just getting tired of computers...)

Say hello to orange chair number two - that's right!

where I spend most of time time playing - I mean working. working.

Guest room. Why does everyone seem to be drawn to this color blue. If I had one ounce of painting energy this would be GONE. Sorry everyone - but your blue pains my eyes.


boring bedroom.

And I mostly put this one in here because our toilet is now awesome. :)

Hope you enjoyed the tour - come and visit soon!


Jenny said...

I LOVE your house and would like to have one like it. Phil was already looking up amtrak fares this morning.

*CPA* Su said...

I absolutely adore your house! Older homes are just fantastic, aren't they?! I really like the color in the living room...very bright and cheery!

Band of Brothers said...

um, BUY THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW. Seriously, make them an offer they cannot refuse. It is the most beautiful charming house with all that cool ceiling molding. You have arrived! Your stuff is all shown off to it's best advantage in this house. Wow. And still swooning over your 2 orange chairs. I LOVE IT ALL and cannot wait to visit!!

Momma D said...

I love your new diggs Ellie. I would love to have an old craftsman home. Honey isn't as in love with them as I am though.

I can't believe you are already decorated. I still have rooms that need help after over 4 years!

I agree with Band of Brothers, you seriously need to make an offer on this place if you plan on staying in the area.


Becca said...

I LOVE your doorbell! I think we have the same color walls! I'm coming to visit soon! Love you!

Becca said...

Nevermind, your walls are more yellow...so much better than mine which are more of a peachy biege...yuck!

Anonymous said...

your house looks amazing. and it really looks like you :)
can't wait to see it!
p.s. is that a unicycle in the front room?!!


Tasha said...

Your house is gorgeous! I can't wait to come see it!!! Kyle says your house is very groveresk. I love the comment about the blue room. I personally am drawn to that color and the yellow too. I find it SO funny that you aren't. However, if I were to pull a Ellie pallet out, that blue wouldn't say Ellie to me:)

CC said...

ellie, I love love love your house...I want to come and visit...you & eddie = adorable

Love, Carolyn

Sara said...

How is it that your house is already so darn cute and you've barely even lived in it. Not fair, I say. Really, it's so perfect.

Um, is that a unicycle in the corner of the entry way? hmmmm

Olive Oyl said...

I LOVE your little eating nook next to your kitchen. This house is so adorable!