Tuesday, November 18, 2008


OK, so I hope I'm not alone in saying that, I FEEL A LITTLE BEHIND! I know this is a busy season for all of us so I hope you all enjoy this splash of three families all in one post!
Sorry for the delay those of you who were waiting to see your photos up on my blog, I loved photographing you all, and here is your long awaited post...




This actually happened... the phones came out and the book appeared out of no where, I swear, this just happened, in the middle of my shoot! Thanks Mrs. Houchin for always keeping the pose on.


Jenny said...

Ellie, again your pictures are wonderful. I'm sure this post will appease my husband.

lorieloo said...

fun fun fun! love them all.
seriously, you could post every day and I'd never get tired of it=)

Allyson Cheney said...

hi ellie. a friend of mine (tracy nice) shared your website with me, as she knew i would appreciate your style and glean some inspiration. she was right!! your work is beautiful. i am an aspiring photographer in the kansas city area. i'm wondering what you shoot with? and, i'm also curious what lens you used for your fisheye shots? (not in this post....in previous ones...). i'm adding your blog to my reader!