Tuesday, October 7, 2008


What can I say about my little San Fransisco wedding? I think they almost convinced me to move there! I fell in love with the city scene and I most definitly fell in love with this beautiful couple, they were so sweet and so awesome at the same time! A very creative pair, down to every detail of their two day wedding party. the first day I shot the ceremony at City Hall and then headed out into lower Haight with Chris and Jess...

... and the following day we had the time of our lives shooting the reception at a little restaurant called Foreign Cinema. The party was held in a small gallery in the back of the restaurant - a very unique and colorful location! I absolutely loved every minute of it!


Band of Brothers said...

ok ellie, these are just too beautiful for words. you are quite the pro. there is just so much variety.

i love all the different color shoes on the bridesmaids. and the groom's suit---wow!!!!

i think my absolute fav was the close-up, close-up on the groom.

also CRAZY about the "foreign cinema" shot. wow. and the one wherehe is holding her hand at the table...and the jumping graffitti...i could go on about the rings too.


eshock said...

really stunning photos.

Jessica Watson and Christopher Treggiari said...

seriously ellie, we've looked at these at least once a day since they've been posted. they just make us smile from ear to ear.

we've received so many compliments on how amazing our photos are and we just can't thank you enough.

we just hope that our wedding helps bring you much success as a photographer because you deserve it! you are talented, sweet, kind and just absolutely lovely to work with!

much love!
jess and chris


Thank you! You guys are all so encouraging, I can hardly take it! :) You make ME smile!