Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I don't know if I've ever met a more flexible bride than Stephanie! She let us put her in a bathtub, hang her dress off a balcony and followed Curtis (the amazingly talented videographer and good friend of mine) and I out to a field full of barns dirt and weeds... Dennis, you've got an incredible wife and thank you both for letting us have some fun on your day! Awesome wedding, beautiful story, and with the appropriate new last name of Muskrat we deemed this day as brimming with Muskrat Love. Enjoy the barrage of photos below!


Band of Brothers said...

um drool.

enchanting-- those trees, in the last photos.

what variety! love the guys under the bidge with the light...and how'd you get a halo of sunbeams on your bride???

fun green tile photo.

the barns and foxtails are beautiful.

the roof of the church is stunning.

are you sure that was just one wedding?

oh, and love the little doggie photo.

lorieloo said...


um, I'm expecting a post of an of so adorable red headed boy on here....and credit given to your two fab assistants....man why didn't I have a camera to capture that is the madness of us???=)

Tasha said...

Ells, you did it again! Fabulous job! Kyle acutally ran with the groom in high school, go figure on you taking yet again photos of people we know. I love the night time shots! Walking up the stairs looks so elegant and inviting!