Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well.... I sort of went to Europe this summer. I took my camera too can you
imagine that? The combination of these to has caused a few people to continually
ask me when I'm posting pictures of this event. So for all you pestering and
rather bothersome people, here is a smathering of photos for your eyes only
(and anyone else who cares). I would like to dedicate these to my husband
who made me take "the small camera" - seems he's the only one who thinks
that things get stolen when you travel. I love you Eddie!

everywhere we went the "futbol" game was on....

and of course... us! (well at least the first one is me, I think Eddie
found a new friend for life!)


CeCe said...

beautiful! i know your trip was cut short, but i hope you enjoyed the time you had traveling with your man and sisters!!!

i am so incredibly jealous.. I can't wait to go back!!! last time i went my camera broke within 4 seconds of getting off of the plane so yeah... that kind of blew.

lorieloo said...

what do you mean sort of? you TOTALLY went to europeland and the pics are FANTASTIC=)

love you...only 26 minutes until it's your birthday!!!!!

Band of Brothers said...

Hooray! The long-awaited Europe pictures! The are exquisitly beautiful, as are you, birthday girl. I am super stoked that you finally posted them for your bothersome and annoying fans:)

and LOL about your van picture!

Lovin Eddie with the accordian!

However, I throwing a TINY ITSY BITSY MINOR LITTLE SMALL INSIGNIFICANT EENSY WEENSY fit that my favorite gnome picture did not make the cut.

Jenny said...

These pictures are AMAZING! Thank you for letting me finally see.

Paulette said...

You must be talented when you get pictures like this from a point and shoot camera. Beautiful!


just to clarify, it was not "point and shoot" it was just my rebel instead of my 5d - so I'm not THAT talented :)

David Lee said...

Seriously!!! These are incredible!! I hope I'm lucky enough to see Europe and have the ability to take pictures there as well!!

Great job, and terrific eye!!

lexus said...

Okay yes, I see now. In my world "small camera" = "point and shoot." But after my extensive photography training, I now realize that is not always the case!