Thursday, May 1, 2008


These are some of my best friends. I had such a great time photographing them along with the newest edition to their family, little Ethan!


Band of Brothers said...

these are just gorgeous! seriously beautiful ellie! they are all so good it's hard to choose a favorite, but I LOVE the first two. gosh the 2nd one is AMAZING. and I love the cute b&w one with baby looking straight at the camera with hands folded and the one in color after where mommy and daddy are holding him up and the last one is so dreamy. i told you it was hard to pick a favorite! it's still the 2nd one though:)

Erich & Stacia Schienbein said...

I am loving the pic with them sitting on the railroad track.

Also, she looks super familiar...and it's driving me a little bananas not being able to place her.

anna joy said...

loooooooooove the 3rd from bottom shot!!