Monday, April 21, 2008


first posts are just supposed to be awkward, well, getting on with it...
these are a few fun nature shots from a field in Sacramento. My husband
and I planned a fun weekend away with our friends and I ended up tromping
around in a field full of mosquitoes taking photographs. That kind of stuff
tends to happen to me a lot lately.

Of course we had to take a few jumping shots at the end...why not.

This is how our friend's daughter Macy felt about all the mosquitoes.
You'll understand why grown ups like to play in fields later Macy,
it will all make more sense when your older I'm sure.


Band of Brothers said...

Ellie...Just beautiful. Your nature photos are breathtaking.My fav is the first one and I really liked the 3rd oneof the tree with the sun was barreling through at the end. Also gotta love the jumping one! And your words were precious, especially the ones in the "me" section leading to the blog.Such a sweet tribute to Eddie. I love you!

Scott and Lorie said...

YEAH for ellie starting a BLOG.
so proud.
LOVE the pics.
that macy girl. i could just eat her up with a spoon.

David Lee said...

Yeaaahhhhh!! Ellie joined the bloggin houdine!! Welcome aboard!! I love your picture sizes!! Nice and big!!

Erich & Stacia Schienbein said...

You take truly amazing pics. I am forever intimidated by you photographers...

MacD Kids said...

Yahoooo! Didnt kno you were on here! So honored to have your first post be about Sac town! :-) Love you friend!